Rotary serves as a pillar of support and unity in our local community, fostering connections and relationships among its members. It plays a vital role in addressing critical issues, from education and healthcare to community development, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those it serves. Rotary is the embodiment of community engagement and service, exemplifying the power of collective action to create positive change, making it an invaluable asset to our local area.

Welcome to Rotary Club of Lakeport.





Pamela Harpster

President 2024-25

Dear Reader,

What an exciting time to be part of the Rotary Club of Lakeport! I am deeply honored to serve as the President during this special time for our club. Together, with a strong commitment to our community and the cherished values of Rotary International, I am eager to lead us through another year of great service.

As I embrace this role, I am thrilled to discover two amazing factors in play. First, our esteemed club will be celebrating its centennial year next Spring, marking 100 years since Lakeport Rotary began its journey on May 6, 1925! Second, the Presidential Theme for 2024-25 is “The Magic of Rotary”, promising a year filled with excitement as we engage in the magic of discovery and service.

The vision for the club is to lead positive change in our community. I join in this vision as we celebrate together impactful service projects, dynamic membership, and steadfast commitment to Rotary’s mission of “service above self.” The key goals and objectives include:

● History: Embracing our past as we celebrate and shape our future with a vibrant centennial celebration.
● Public Relations: Enhancing the clubs visibility and reputation through increased media presence and community projects.
● Membership Growth: Achieving a 20% increase through enhanced engagement of current members, strategic recruitment drives, and promotion of corporate memberships and Rotary’s
“Friends of Rotary” program.
● Service Projects: Building on our flagship community events and identifying local needs such as economic development, youth programs, and environmental initiatives.
● Fundraising: Exploring innovative opportunities to generate robust funds for developing and supporting impactful project initiatives.
● Strategies and Action Plan: Revitalizing committees to align with current projects and goals, ensuring focused efforts and clear responsibilities.
● Member Engagement: Fostering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity by actively seeking input from members, encouraging participation in committees, and celebrating our collective achievements.
● Collaboration with Rotary Clubs and Community Organizations: Strengthening partnerships to leverage resources, share best practices, and maximize impact on shared initiatives.

Together, we have the magic to effect meaningful change in our community and beyond. With your support and dedication, I am confident that we will achieve these goals and uphold the spirit of Rotary in this incredible journey. Thank you for your commitment to service and making a positive impact together.

Warm regards,
Pamela Harpster
President, Rotary Club of Lakeport



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