David Herrick, September 2023

It is with immense pride and admiration that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to David Herrick, our September 2023 Rotarian of the Month! ๐Ÿ†

David has been a cherished member of our Rotary Club since 1995, and his dedication to our community and club has left an indelible mark. His extensive list of achievements and contributions speaks volumes about the remarkable person he is.

For many years, David has been the driving force behind our Beer Booth at the Lake County Fair. His leadership and tireless efforts have made this booth an annual success, a true highlight of our club’s participation in community events. This year, he astounded us all with his innovative thinking by spearheading the Virtual Beer Booth, adapting to the changing times while maintaining our club’s strong presence.

Beyond Rotary, David’s commitment to environmental causes dates back to 1970 when he participated in the first Earth Day Rally in San Francisco. His passion for preserving our planet is truly inspiring and reflects the core values of Rotary.

David’s sporting achievements are equally remarkable. As a player/coach on an undefeated team in the Northshore Lake Tahoe Softball League, he demonstrated not only his athletic prowess but also his ability to lead and inspire his teammates. Additionally, his memorable feat of starting a line/game bowling with 11 strikes in league competition showcases his talent and dedication.

David Herrick’s life is a testament to service, leadership, and a zest for life that we all admire. His long-standing commitment to Rotary and the Lakeport community is truly commendable and deserving of this recognition.

Please join us in celebrating David for his exceptional contributions and dedication to our Rotary Club of Lakeport. ๐ŸŒŸ Your passion, leadership, and sportsmanship inspire us all, and we are proud to have you as a member of our Rotary family.

Thank you, David, for your unwavering commitment to service and for being an outstanding Rotarian. Here’s to many more years of making a positive impact on our community! ๐Ÿฅ‚

Marie Schrader, August 2023

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce Marie Schrader as our August 2023 Rotarian of the Month! ๐Ÿ†

Marie, who joined our Rotary family in 2021, has made an indelible mark on our club with her unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions. Her role on the Rotary Board for the past two years has been nothing short of outstanding.

As our Communications Director, Marie is the driving force behind our club’s online presence. She manages the Rotary website with finesse, ensuring that it serves as an informative and engaging platform for both our members and the community at large. Her creativity and attention to detail shine through in the design and content, making our website a true reflection of our club’s values.

But Marie’s responsibilities extend far beyond the website. She skillfully manages all our social media accounts, keeping our online community vibrant, informed, and connected. Her ability to engage with our audience and share our club’s mission and achievements is truly commendable.

Additionally, Marie has been instrumental in crafting and disseminating press releases that highlight our club’s initiatives, projects, and community involvement. Her writing skills have consistently garnered positive attention, further amplifying the impact of our club’s efforts.

Marie’s dedication and professionalism are an inspiration to us all. She has seamlessly integrated herself into our Rotary family and has become an indispensable part of our club’s leadership team.

Please join us in congratulating Marie Schrader on this well-deserved recognition. ๐ŸŒŸ Your contributions as our Communications Director have elevated our club’s visibility and engagement, and we are immensely proud to have you as a member of the Rotary Club of Lakeport.

Thank you, Marie, for your exceptional service and dedication. Here’s to many more years of making a positive impact on our community through Rotary! ๐Ÿฅ‚

David Moon-Wainwright, July 2023

It is with immense pleasure and pride that we announce David Moon-Wainwright as our Rotarian of the Month for July 2023! ๐Ÿ†

David, who serves as our dedicated Audio Visual Director, has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the Rotary Club of Lakeport. His dedication, enthusiasm, and tireless efforts have not only enriched our club’s activities but have also made our meetings and events truly memorable.

Through his role as Audio Visual Director, David has brought innovation and creativity to our club’s presentations and gatherings. He ensures that our message reaches far and wide, making it possible for our club to connect with our community and beyond. David’s technical expertise and attention to detail are truly commendable.

Moreover, his willingness to lend a helping hand to fellow Rotarians and his friendly, approachable demeanor make him a true asset to our club. David embodies the Rotary spirit of service above self, and his commitment to our community is inspiring.

As we honor David Moon-Wainwright as our Rotarian of the Month, let us take a moment to express our gratitude for his outstanding contributions. His dedication serves as a shining example to us all, reminding us of the incredible impact we can have when we come together as Rotarians.

Please join us in congratulating David on this well-deserved recognition. ๐ŸŒŸ Your dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and we are immensely proud to have you as a member of our Rotary family.

Thank you, David, for your exceptional service to the Rotary Club of Lakeport. Here’s to many more successful endeavors together! ๐Ÿฅ‚

Don Lange – November 2017

Congratulations are in order to Lake County native Don Lange of Lakeport who was recognized on November 15 th for his 45 years of membership by the Lakeport Rotary
Club. He received a handsome eagle in flight trophy figure mounted over the engraved
words โ€œService Above Selfโ€ which was awarded by District Representative Dr. Paul
Theilen of Sebastopol and local President Bruce Maxwell.
Don has the distinction of having committed his time and talents serving Rotary causes
since 1972, through countless local, state, national, and international Rotary projects
with the goal of improving the lives of community members and the environment. Donโ€™s
fellow club members counted on him to work at big and little fundraising events year
after year, without hesitation. The list includes such annual projects such as the Easter
Egg Dye and Hunt; the Christmas Basket Giveaway; the Konocti Challenge Bicycle
Event; and the Lake County Fair Beer Booth.
Don was sponsored into Rotary by respected businessman and Lakeside Hospital
Philanthropist, Baird Anton and he served on the Rotary Board of Directors for his club
10 times; served at length as Committee Chair of our Bylaws Committee; Advisor to
multiple Club Presidents; and attended the Rotary International Convention in
Birmingham England, and one in Las Vegas.
Don served as Club President in 1983-84 and saw the initial club efforts to sponsor the
existing much appreciated Lakeport Senior Center. That same year Rotary expanded
to welcome women into what previously was a men only organization. Don also led his
club into supporting the Rotary International Polio Eradication Project, which now
annihilated this dreaded disease in all but 3 counties of the world.
During his youth, he spent 6 years in the US Army Reserve; and worked 2 1/2 years on
the construction of the Linear Accelerator located on the campus of Stanford University,
in the quality control division.
Don was also very much a part of Lange Brothers Construction, between 1965 – 1999,
which at one time was the only roadway construction company in the County. He had
his own construction company thereafter; sold construction equipment; and currently
has a carpet cleaning business.
All the while, the wind beneath his wings has been his lovely wife Jaye of 50 years and
their two grown sons Brian and Kevin. Thanks are in order Don, for your lifelong
contribution of โ€œService Above Self!โ€