Governor’s Official Visit Guidelines

The Purposes of the Visit

  • To motivate and inspire Rotarians and guests to participate in RI programs and service projects
  • To provide information from RI to clubs and vice versa
  • To become acquainted with the club’s service activities
  • To celebrate the club’s success in their local communities and internationally
  • To encourage club participation in all avenues of service
  • To recognize and promote outstanding contributions of individual Rotarians
  • To visit area service projects (time permitting).

Leadership Meeting

At some time during the year, the Governor and AG would also like to meet with club leadership teams to review goals and discuss other topics of interest. The officers of the club are encouraged to raise any questions they wish to discuss with the Governor.

Club Meeting Reminders

  • The Governor and the AG are guests of the clubs. Both the Governor’s and the AG’s meals should be comped by the club.
  • The Governor’s presentation is the program for the day. Please do not schedule any other program on the same day.
  • The AG will work with the Club President and the Governor in planning for the meetings, will accompany the Governor to all meetings and introduce the Governor.
  • The Governor welcomes the opportunity to perform new member inductions, present a Paul Harris Fellow award, or participate in any other special recognition presentation.
  • Please encourage all active club members to attend this meeting. Invite spouses, partners, and guests as well.
  • Where possible, the Governor would like to meet members of the club’s Rotaract and Interact clubs and Youth Exchange students.
  • When clubs combine the meeting, all clubs should be involved in planning and roles during the meeting. Clubs are asked to reschedule their regular meeting that week in favor of the combined meeting – considered the regular Rotary meeting for that week.

Pledge of Allegiance

When the District Governor visits, traditionally the pledge of allegiance are recited in honor of our Country.

National Flag Etiquette

District 5330 is a district in the USA the flag should be displayed at both district and club meetings in accordance with the paragraph below.